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Tractor Pulling Sledges

On the Tractor Pulling Sledges page, we are going to post some pictures and a small amount of information about each sledge that Leyland Tractor Pullers pull.

Resident Sledge

The sledge pictured, recently purchased by Matt McDermid, is based on a forestry forwader and will still drive itself back to the beginning of the track for the next pull.

Dorset Sledge

This sledge is used mainly around the Dorset area but the only event that we pull it at is Great Dorset Steam Fair. This sledge used to have a water ballast but underwent a major rebuild in late 2005 - early 2006.

Barnard Castle Sledge

This sledge is only used at 2 shows, Barnard Castle Vintage Rally and Barnard Castle Truck Show. the sledge was designed similar to the Welland Sledge (Below) however is now the same.The sledhe now belongs to John Toulson.

Pickering Sledge

This sledge is used at Pickering Steam Fair and Pickering Tractor Show. The sledge is a different take on the original tractor pulling sledge as this one moves by a hydraulic ram.

Welland Sledge

One of the three original BTPA Sledges of this design which, after a few outings to Dorset has become a permanent fixture at Welland.

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